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Class 10 Trip

The IAYP or the International Award for Young for Grade X was a trip that was filled with exciting experiences, enriching learning opportunities and an abundance of unforgettable memories. The trip, spanning 3 days, from the of 21st November 2013 to 23rd November 2013, required us to complete, as per the Bronze level course of the IAYP Programme, 10 km treks on two days in and around the Kolad area near Mumbai.

The focus of the trip was to build upon those skills that in the comfort of the 21st century, our generation isn’t exposed to. For example, we had to cook our own lunch on two of the days - right from building the fire and keeping it going (which was most decidedly the hardest part) to perfectly cooking our lentils and rice. In the process, we learned to make use of resources from our surroundings as we climbed up rocks amongst loose gravel in search of dry grass and broken branches that we could burn. Furthermore, it was our job to navigate our way during the treks, with only some visual clues to help us along the way. Steering our course for ourselves taught us to effectively work together, tested our presence of mind and taught us to be open to the views of others and to trust them.


The trip necessitated us to participate in two 10 km long treks on two different days. It was a combination of routes - uphill, downhill and uneven - with the constant peril of slipping on loose stones. The concept of the trek was planned in such a way that it seemed more like a treasure hunt with visual clues to guide us. This was a very interesting and fresh idea.

It introduced the perfect balance between physical and mental activity, as it required us to exercise our muscles by walking and our brains by giving us the freedom to interpret the clues. Additionally, along the way, we often encountered large and intricate spider webs with enormous spiders, frogs and birds, giving us the opportunity to learn more about Nature.

IAYP enabled us to experience an almost rustic environment as the Kundalika resort where we stayed had only basic tents as accommodation. The minimalistic setting taught us the importance of self-sufficiency, and due to this, our trip made us live in consonance with Nature. The games and activities that were organized also developed our teamwork skills, presence of mind and encouraged us to be clever and tactical.