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Day 1
The students and teachers accompanied by a security personnel and an outsourced lady nurse left from the Dhirubhai Ambani International school at 7.30 a.m. on Thursday,6th February. Three buses were provided by the tour organizers and their representative Mr. Janardan accompanied the convoy from Mumbai to Sajan Nature Club. Packed breakfast was provided by the school. On reaching Sajan, the students assembled in the main ground. Mr. Chinmaya Diwekar, the chief instructor of Nature Trails addressed the students and stated the outline of the programme and the expectations. The students were divided into nine groups. Two instructors and one teacher were assigned to each group and rooms were allocated to them. This was followed by a session on map reading, navigation using compasses and pacing Maps were handed over to the students and they worked on their route plans for the treks that they were expected to undertake during the course of the programme. Post lunch, the students left for their first trek. The objective was to explore the planned route on foot by self-navigation and to appreciate the countryside, its people and their lifestyles. The students returned to the camp at 6.00 p.m, had snacks and then after freshening up in their rooms, they were back again for the next activity. The last task of the day was to cook Khichri .The students displayed remarkable enthusiasm and impressed everyone with their culinary skills. After dinner, some students danced to music of their choice , some sang ,while some relaxed in the hammocks.


Day 2
The students left for their second expedition at 7.30 a.m. after light breakfast. Some trekked through hilly tracks, some walked through river beds, while some navigated around lakes. Each trek was divided into four sections and the students had to report to three check points in between, till they reached their final destination. Water, Glucose & biscuits were made available at these checkpoints. On day 2, students cooked breakfast on reaching their first checkpoint. They returned to the camp for lunch which was followed by rappelling and zip lining at the picturesque Moho Kurd Dam. At the end of day two, the students reflected upon their experiences and penned them down in a structured manner.


Day 3
Day 3 started the same way as the previous one with the trek and cooking of breakfast at checkpoint one. After lunch, they students packed their bags and were on their way back home by 2.30 p.m