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Achievements in Sports and Games

Raahil Mullick shines at the 2017 Sharjah and Dubai International GM Open Tournaments

Ten year old, Candidate Master Raahil Mullick, of Dhirubhai Ambani International School, surprised many of his senior opponents with his excellent display of fighting chess at the Sharjah and Dubai International GM Open Chess Tournaments. Raahil won the 2nd prize for the Under-10 age group in the Sharjah Open and ranked 3rd in the Under 2000 category as per rating performance at the Dubai Open.



The Sharjah Open and Dubai Open are known to be amongst the strongest open tournaments in the world. With a starting FIDE ELO rating of 1710, Raahil was amongst the youngest and lowest rated participants in both the events. Even so, Raahil fought hard against all his higher rated opponents and increased to a total of 220 ELO rating points, making him the 2nd highest rated player in India in the U-10 Age Category.




Twinkling Star Raahil Mullick at the National Amateur Chess Championship 2016

Raahil Mullick of Class 4 B, surprised all his seniors (by age and by chess experience) by securing the 5th place in the OPEN category (main prize list) and 2nd place in the under 2000 category, at the 5th National Amateur Chess Championship 2016, held in Mumbai. In a scintillating display of attacking moves, Raahil also won the award for the ‘Best Game of the Day’, for his 2nd round-crushing victory over 2nd seeded Raahul V S of Tamil Nadu.

Raahil entered the competition as the 67th seed and bagged the 5th prize in the Open category after scoring 8 points out of 11 games. With a FIDE ELO rating of 1568, Raahil increased 213 ELO rating points – the highest rating increase by any player in the tournament.

The tournament attracted a total of 246 players of all ages, from 23 states of India. Raahil at nine years, was also the youngest player amongst the top 10 prize winners. He has been selected to represent India in the under 2000 category at the upcoming World Amateur Chess championship to be held in April 2017, in Italy.

1st Chess Camp by Grandmasters Evgeny Vladimirov and Abhijit Kunte - May 1st to 7th, 2016

53 students successfully participated in our first chess camp, held in school conducted by Grandmasters Evgeny Vladimirov and Abijit Kunte.

On the 7th and final day, the Grandmasters played simultaneous chess with all our students. They educated and motivated both the students and parents, with inspiring stories.

On May 5, both Grandmasters played simultaneous matches against our RIL chess enthusiasts at RCP and spoke to them about their exciting times in the world of chess.

Grandmaster Evgeny VLADIMIROV is a National Soviet Master since 1974, International Master since 1982 and Grandmaster since 1989.

Results as a player:

  • Junior Champion of the USSR - 1975;
  • Champion of the USSR under 26 - 1975 and 1981;
  • World Champion under 26 as a member of the Soviet team – 1981
  • Champion of Kazakhstan (thrice, within 1987 - 1999);
  • Winner of the European team Cup as a members of CSKA team (thrice; within 1984 - 1991);
  • Winner of the Asian Cities Championship while playing for the Pavlodar team (thrice; within 2000 - 2007);
  • Winner of many national and international events in USSR (multiple times), Sweden (1976), Poland (1978), Hungary (1982), Kazakhstan (several times), Spain (several times), Norway (1990), India (twice in 2000), United Arab Emirates (2001).

Coaching achievements:

  • FIDE Senior Trainer since 2004.
  • Worked with Kasparov (1981 - 1986, i.e. during the period when the latter has become a World Champion); Grandmasters Tukmakov, Ehlvest, Lputian, Dreev, Kazhgaleyev and others.
  • Got ‘The Honored Coach of Azerbaijan’ title when Kasparov has qualified for the World Championship match.
  • Worked In India with following players:
    • Trained P.Harikrishna who belongs to the world chess elite now;
    • P.Negi who became the world’s youngest Grandmaster in 2006 and Asian Champion in 2012;
    • S.Grover – the world champion under 10,
    • V.Gujarathi and many other Indian GMs and WGMs.
Session-wise topic list at DAIS:

Beginners and Semi Advanced group:

1st May:
3 special positions in chess
Practice sessions

2nd May:
3 special moves in chess
Practice sessions

3rd May:
Amazing problems and studies

4th May:
3 special moves in chess continuation
Practice sessions

5th May:
Team solving competition

6th May:
Opening traps

7th May:
Simultaneous exhibition with grandmasters Evgeny Vladimirov and Abhijit Kunte.

Advanced group:

1st May:
Tactics: double attack

2nd May:
Endgame: rook vs pawn

3rd May:
Tactics: backrank

4th May:
Capablanca's plan with knight on f5

5th May:
Tactics: overload

6th May:
Solving competition

7th May:
Simultaneous exhibition with grandmasters Evgeny Vladimirov and Abhijit Kunte.