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IBDP Results 2019

IBDP Results 2019

Our 15th Batch of IB Diploma students have achieved spectacular results in the IB Diploma examinations of 2019, with 58% of the students scoring 40 points or above. The School’s average diploma score is 39.5 points.

Commenting on the IB results, Smt. Nita M. Ambani, Founder & Chairperson, said:

        We are absolutely delighted that our students have done exceptionally well in the IB Diploma examinations of 2019. The average score of 39.5 points achieved by them exemplifies our school’s culture of excellence; it is a testimony to our students’ talent and efforts, and the steadfast commitment of our teachers. These results once again demonstrate our consistent and splendid track record, and strengthen our position as the No. 1 International School in India and being among the top performing schools in the world. My heartiest congratulations to each one of our students and their proud parents!

104 students graduated this year, of which 100 were Diploma candidates and 4 IB Course (Certificate) candidates.

The School's average Diploma score is 39.50 points
(Worldwide: 29.65)

5 students emerged as World Toppers with a perfect score of 45 points
13 students obtained 44 points
58 students earned 40 points or above,
constituting 58% of our students compared to 9.77% worldwide
85 students earned 36 points or above,
constituting 85% of our students compared to 27% worldwide

82% of Higher Level papers were graded 7/6

83% of Standard Level papers were graded 7/6

The mean grade obtained by students is 6.18 compared to the world average of 4.77
The mean bonus points obtained by the students is 2.40 compared to 1.21 worldwide
  • In Extended Essay, 78% of the grades obtained
    are A's and B's compared to 34.44% worldwide

  • In Theory of Knowledge, 78% of the grades obtained
    are A's and B's compared to 31.1% worldwide
IB Diploma Results 2019
Students' Diploma Score Snapshot
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IB Diploma Results 2019
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