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Lion House

“It’s hard to be humble when you’re the king of the jungle!” This motto completely defines the spirit of the Lion House. We cannot be meek, because we know that we have the ability to reach the pinnacle of success. We, the Lions may just seem as a house from far, but deep inside we are one big family. From the first grade to the twelfth, every one of us is equivalently involved in the contribution to our house. Being a Lion makes us feel privileged, and it seems like Lion House has selected a path- the path of success, glory and victory.

The Lion House has won both the primary and the secondary Taekwondo inter-house competitions. In the secondary Sports day, which is one of the major events of the year, the Lions accomplished the first place. Every single relay from the U12 age category to the U19 age category, and in both genders, the Lions have placed. The first round of Tug Of War the Lions won and reached the finals. We won the finals of Tug Of War against the Panther House and placed first. The Lion House and its little cubs also won March Past, which is worth fifty points. A lack of participants (in the extremely rare cases where it happens), does not deter us, we have won football matches with as few as 5 participants.

We love the tough competition that the other houses give us. We truly appreciate the positive vibrations and the friendly behavior of the respective houses. The Lions are known for our hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, and the never giving up spirit. These qualities make the Lions outstand from the rest of the other houses. The teamwork and the amounts of dedication is absolutely phenomenon!

Being a part of the Student Council is equivalent to a privilege. Our fellow house members encourage and motivate us too work beyond the best of our abilities. We cannot even begin to describe of what an absolute honor it is to be the leaders of such a remarkable, awesome, and resolute house. Our little talented cub captains are the extremely inspiring and their support to the house is just marvelous!

The Lion House still has many events lined up for victory, and we will assure you that in whatever we do, we will put in a hundred and one percent effort. Courageous, determined and triumphant the Lion House stands, and we will always be ready to face the new challenges. We aim for the House Cup and now the kings of the jungle are on their journey, going towards their final destination – lifting up that house cup!

Shanaya, Prathna, Krish, Akanksha, Aashi, Abhimanyu, Leah, Shivani, Shikhar