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Anvi Kalothia wins Gold, Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition 2023

Anvi Kalothia of IGCSE 8C wins the Gold Award in the auspicious Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition 2023.


Her award winning essay-


Your voice is not merely a collection of sound waves or words; from the depths of your thoughts and emotions to the power of your words and actions, your voice possesses the potential to ignite change, inspire others, and shape the course of history. Like the seed of a sapling, your voice, although seemingly small, can soon sprout into a delicate root which anchors itself into the ground that is our history. Soon, with continued growth and open-mindedness, and perseverance even in times of struggle, the sapling of your voice can grow stronger, blossoming into a majestic presence.


Change emerges from maybe a single soul, one who has the courage to sing. The song of one's opinion differs from person to person as it is an embodiment of their personality, opinion, and thought. One’s voice can be represented in more ways than one, it can be exhibited through multiple forms of art, whether it be paintings, drama, song, prose, or poetry. Their voice sparks a sound wave that travels from person to person which sets in motion the monopoly of a domino effect, firing up thousands of voices who are encouraged and inspired to speak out their opinions, comforted by the fact that, ‘if they can do it. Why can’t I?’. This single thought sprouts in multiple people causing an emotional upheaval giving rise to a revolution, a change, a new chapter, a new seed.


And in the 1960s a new seed was planted.


One of the greatest poets and authors, Maya Angelou used her literary pieces to express her opinions and personal struggles. She found the courage to speak even in her lowest lows, even in the depths of despair and she nurtured her voice to create an impact, to inspire others who resonated with her difficulties. Through her poems and stories, she voiced out the injustice of discrimination, focusing most on racial prejudice. She began her journey with a memoir known as ‘I know why the Caged Bird Sings’ which delves into her childhood and adolescence. From one piece of literature came another and in a twinkling the roots of her seed spread and strengthened into the ground, and she represented herself through seven autobiographical works which were under the themes of racism, trauma, identity and resilience. With time she expanded her horizons and began to work with multiple civil rights leaders, eager to spread her voice to encourage others to speak up for what they believed in. Empowered, Maya Angelou used her voice to advocate for others as she saw the importance of personal growth and empowerment affecting broader societal change. She used her platform to deliver speeches and performances that championed the cause of civil rights and throughout her life she mentored the talents of numerous young writers and activists. By sharing her experiences, wisdom, and guidance, she empowered a new generation of voices to fight for justice and equality.




From a single thought and desire to fight for her freedom Maya Angelou used her talent and voice to create a greater societal change and her seed soon sprouted into an exalted tree with branches dedicated to other activists and civil rights leaders who were inspired by her seed to share their voice.


One’s voice is imperative because it is a reflection of who they are as a person, it displays their personality, beliefs, opinions, and thoughts. Your voice has your dreams, hopes and desires encrypted in it, for nobody's life should be a graveyard of buried hopes. And it won’t… because your voice is a tool to get your words conveyed to the world.