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Holistic Development

Holistic Development

Holistic development of children with a focus on their physical, emotional, intellectual and social development and well-being is central to DAIS education. This is sought to be achieved through diverse opportunities for students to go beyond the learning of core academic subjects. The breadth of sports and co-curricular activities that the School offers; the participation of students in various competitions within India and abroad, and so on, reflect our school's commitment to children's wellrounded development.


We offer Art, Indian Music, Western Music, Dance, Drama, Physical Education, and Yoga and encourage Service Learning from the Primary classes. Promoting experiential and exploratory methods of learning; encouraging the appreciation and practice of our school's core values; participation of students, starting from kindergarten, in the annual day productions; fostering digital literacy among students; facilitating exchange programmes with other schools; providing opportunities for leadership and entrepreneurship development; and using technology for teaching and learning, are some of the many efforts that result in students' holistic development.


Presentations, role-plays, small skits, and impromptu debates go a long way in developing students' ability to express themselves confidently and build on their knowledge and skills. Students have a variety of outof- classroom activities and experiences such as theatre, photography, film appreciation, robotics, football, cricket, tennis, basketball, taekwondo, and many more. Community service helps sensitise children to the values of being compassionate and empathetic towards others' challenging situations and unique needs.


Our alumni pursue diverse fields in higher education and their career choices encompass a wide crosssection of professional pursuits - as social entrepreneurs, creative artists, sportspersons, and more - this is a testament to our emphasis on providing children with a holistic education.