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DAIS Football Camp 2014

DAIS Football Camp 2014


At the Dhirubhai Ambani International School, we pride ourselves on playing as a team, to produce imaginative, entertaining and skilful football. We take time and effort to develop and nurture our younger players to ensure that they reach their full potential in the sport. Based on this philosophy, every year since 2007 we have been organizing International Football Camps, within the school campus, to ensure that our students become the best players and athletes they possibly can. The Camps in the past have been conducted by Former Chelsea Players and Manchester United Soccer Schools. This year the coaches are former Arsenal players David Hillier and Jimmy Carter. The training program endeavours at developing the young players’ technical and tactical skills, physical strength and passion for the game.


The venue offers a safe and secure environment, where the participants can train, practise and play the game, under the expert supervision of certified coaches and international players. The children are divided into groups (age/skill appropriate) and assigned a coach, who assesses each child’s football skills, and delivers expert advice on technique, tactics, physical, mental and social elements of the game. The coaches monitor the progress of the players, throughout the course of the week-long training camp.


The coaches also emphasize the importance of a fitness schedule and a healthy nutritional diet for the modern day footballer. The aim of the camp is that all children leave the program with greater knowledge of the game, better technical skills and a joyful learning experience.

Day 1


DAIS FC 2014
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Day 2

DAIS FC 2014
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Day 3


DAIS FC 2014
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Day 4

DAIS FC 2014
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Day 5


DAIS FC 2014
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Day 6


DAIS FC 2014
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