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DAIS Football Camp 2017

DAIS Football Camp 2017


On 26th October we commenced the Tenth Football Camp (FC 17) from October 26 to 31, 2017, to be conducted by LOGI-CCALL Sports led by former Chelsea player, Keith Dublin, Chris Whyte and Kane Cowburn. The coaches will be joined by our school coaches.


101 students from Class 1 to 8 are taking this opportunity to enhance their skills and acquire more tactics.


Keith Dublin began his career with Chelsea, one of the first black footballers to play for the club. Dublin came to Chelsea as an apprentice in July 1982, signed professional in October 1983, and made his debut for the Chelsea first team in May 1984 against Barnsley in the Second Division Championship side managed by John Neal. He was voted Chelsea's young player of the year in 1983. Keith has coached in our school thrice before.


Christopher Anderson "Chris" Whyte started his career as a youth player at Arsenal turning professional in September 1978. A defender who played at centre half, he made his Arsenal first-team debut as a substitute against Panathinaikos in the UEFA Cup on 30 September 1981. In all he played 113 matches for Arsenal, scoring eight goals. Whyte returned to the top flight in 1990, when he was signed for Leeds United. He was nearly ever-present for the next three seasons, putting in 146 appearances as Leeds won the 1991–92 First Division title.


Kane Cowburn was an International Development Officer at Chelsea Football Club. Kane delivers Chelsea FC coaching philosophies across the world from grass roots to elite level. Presently he coaches at the Dubai Football Club.


Training on 26th October, 2017

Kane Cowburn

“Yesterday saw the start of camp with the younger age group focusing on learning a variety of basic ball manipulation techniques including using the inside, outside, soul & lace of their feet.

Once the ball mastery was complete the players moved into a shooting session which gave them the opportunity to practice shots with their laces, the instep as well as beating a defender before finishing from close range. All players also took part in goalkeeping & challenged themselves with new ideas bought across by the coaches.

Today will see the focus shift to dribbling & running with the ball where the players will have a quick recap of today’s session to ensure learning has taken place before looking at unopposed & opposed dribbling & finally transitioning into a small sided game.”

Chris Whyte

“Yesterday’s session with the older group was running with the ball, involving turning with the inside & outside of the feet also short passing, 10 - 15 yards.
Today’s focus will be on longer passing as well as shooting & finishing.”


Training on 27th October, 2017


Kane Cowburn

“Friday saw the group partake in a session focused around dribbling & running with the ball. Players trained to learn the difference between dribbling & running with the ball initially unopposed to build confidence before testing themselves against each other in opposed situations.


Once the players had demonstrated a sound understanding they were encouraged to use these skills in a game environment to show they can carry what has been learnt when faced with a game situation.


Tomorrow will see the players be challenged to test their passing ability across a variety of distances in different scenarios & as always finishing with a small sided game to ensure learning has taken place.”


Training on 28th October, 2017

Kane Cowburn

“Today players learned a variety of passing techniques & were tested across different distances. Players started by looking at short passing specifically with the inside of the foot, progressed to a medium distance where players were required to use their laces & finally players were challenged even further when they were taught a lofted pass using the instep.


These skills were then moved into a game scenario & challenged in a realistic setting to ensure these techniques could be comfortably demonstrated while under pressure.


Tomorrow the players will look at crossing & finishing where they will be asked to draw on techniques learnt over the last few days of camp & combine them to get a positive outcome in front of goal!”


Training on 29th October, 2017

“Today the players focused on control & maintaining possession of the ball when under pressure.


Players were challenged to control the ball in a variety of scenarios, receiving the ball in different areas & from different heights to challenge them in as many ways as possible.


Tomorrow will see the players culminate the skills learnt throughout the four days of camp so far & be challenged to display them in a mix of sessions.”


Training on 30th October, 2017


“Players were put through their paces and made to review and revise all the aspects of the camps training:


All the skills & All the tactics”


Training on 31st October, 2017


“All campers demonstrated the skills learnt during the duration of the camp to the coaches.


Then they enjoyed playing matches while letting the game be the teacher!”


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Day 1 - 26th October, 2017

DAIS FC 2017
Day 1 photos


Day 2 - 27th October, 2017

DAIS FC 2017
Day 2 photos

Day 3 - 28th October, 2017

DAIS FC 2017
Day 3 photos

Day 4 - 29th October, 2017

DAIS FC 2017
Day 4 photos

Day 5 - 30th October, 2017

DAIS FC 2017
Day 5 photos

Day 6 - 31st October, 2017

DAIS FC 2017
Day 6 photos