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Class 7 Service trip to Boys Home Andheri
Not for ourselves alone are we born. - Cicero

Class 7 Service trip to Boys Home Andheri

We see our chairperson Smt. Nita Ambani’s quote each day when we arrive at school, “Children are the future of our nation. We want them to excel as students and be good human beings.” The DAIS Values and Attributes are a compass for our students as they grow, and Class 7 followed that compass on Children’s Day, when they visited the Boys’ Home in Andheri. It has been said, ‘ Not for ourselves alone are we born; part of becoming a good human being, is to practise compassion and work to alleviate the suffering of those, who by chance and circumstance are less fortunate.’



On 14th November, Children’s Day, our students worked together with the boys at the Home, to create a day of fun, learning, and teamwork most of whom are either orphans or rarely see their loved ones.



Acquaintances became friendships, when our students and the boys at the Home, worked together to make colourful friendship bands and enjoyed strumming the guitar and violin.


A very informative PPT on personal hygiene was well received by the boys and the interactive session that followed, proved that they had internalized the importance of hygiene in their lives too.


The dances, the skit and the musical performances made the day festive, full of gaiety, and fun. When it was time to hand out the children’s day gifts, [a tiffin box full of chocolates and a hygiene kit] the boys’ eyes lit up and the smiles were their greatest gift for our students on Children’s Day.


A student summed up the experience of the trip, “We tried to uplift their feelings and make their day special.” The empathy, caring, and companionship that our DAIS ambassadors shared, makes us proud. The future of our nation seems bright, and in good hands.