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Exploration at the Nehru Science Centre

Exploration at the Nehru Science Centre

On 18 April, the students of Class 3A & 3B visited the Nehru Science Centre, Worli.


At the centre, they saw amazing exhibits that were self-explanatory and very informative. The students got to play interactive games and arrive at their own answers and learning. They experienced the results of experimenting with scientific concepts.


After they had satisfied their curiosity at the exhibits gallery, they watched ‘Science on a Sphere’, a show on the solar system. This was a topic that they had been introduced to in class and were using their knowledge to explore further. Our children took down notes and asked some relevant questions. They were also taken to an open area where they witnessed a ‘magic show’ based on science.


It was indeed a fun-filled and enriching trip and a morning well-spent for our young budding scientists!