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Aman Ladia – The Young Scientist!

Aman Ladia 9C has won the "Homi Bhabha young scientist" award once again and has been awarded with a gold medal by Mumbai Science Teacher Association. Aman has secured distinction of 2 times gold medalist in this contest ( both 6th and 9th grade).


His action research project for this contest was based on studying the "Bird Imbalance" in his locality and was aimed at rehabilitating smaller birds back to urban environment. He started a drive called MRB " Mission Rehabilitation of Biodiversity " wherein he designed a "Biodiversity Dome" for urban localities, which can act as secured hotspot for reproduction and growth of small birds like sparrows. The project was awarded the best action research project and Aman was invited as a keynote speaker for the ceremony.

Over 50,000 students appeared for this contest from all over Maharashtra. Homi Bhabha Young Scientist contest is a four stage rigorous contest running over a period of nearly a year. It involves a comprehensive written test , followed by a rigorous practical stage, finally a challenging action research project and a personal interview.


Click the link to view his speech